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Bronc Wireless Tattoo Pen V2

Bronc Wireless Tattoo Pen V2

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  • Three Important features: 1) 9.0V jump start; 2) OCP Overload and short circuit prompt. 3) Wireless tattoo machine but equipped with RCA connector.
  • NO-load Speed 11000rpm; DC-motor: Swiss motor; Machine weight: 230g, length: 142mm, diameter: 32mm.
  • BRONC V2 wireless tattoo machine pen has two replaceable wireless batteries, charged fully in 2 to 3 hours. Support work time: 7 hours ~ 9 hours
  • The BRONC V2 machine has standard 3.5mm stroke length, needle depth: 0 ~ 4mm, work as a liner or a shader.
  • Package include one BRONC V2 wireless rotary tattoo pen, Type-C fast charge cord, 2 rechargeable batteries, one charger, one RCA head replacement and one bag of O-rings.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Rebecca A. Eldredge
Good machine for the price point

This machine has enough umph to put in solid line work as well as provides a solid fill for shading. Having full wireless capability takes some getting used to if you are used to using a pedal, but one thing I liked about this machine was that it does have the capability of being either wired (with a power supply/foot pedal) or completely wireless with the battery and on-board controls.

I've been using pen style rotaries for three years, and this machine does not disappoint in comparison to my other machines. As with most rotaries, this machine is quiet and does not have much vibration. Clients find this quality relaxing (opposed to having the constant noise provided with coil machines).

This set-up does come with two rechargeable batteries, which is great for all-day sessions. Even if you forget to charge, it has the capability of being plugged in so there is no down time.

Lovely lady
Very nice wireless tattoo pen

This is one of a kind very very nice affordable prices for such quality and it’s very light weight easy to use and adjust needle height

Awesome quality! Long battery life.

BRONC V2 WIRELESS- This rotary pen is great quality. It comes with 2 batteries, and a battery charger. It's great that this Pen can run wireless or be plugged in as well. The battery life on this pen lasts for hours. It's very quiet and runs really smooth. Very happy with this rotary pen!

Gods Diva
Great affordable option

I absolutely LUV that it this BRONC V2 tattoo pen can be converted from wireless to wired!! It includes an USB-C cord, 2 rechargeable batteries, one charger, one RCA head replacement and one bag of O-rings.

It’s slim with an ergonomic design. It feels a lil weighty wirelessly but not overly heavy so it has a great center balance. The needle also easily inserts and effortlessly locks into place. It’s comfortable and the weight in the back helps take the pressure off the needle to enable a nice, smooth lining. It also shades well but personally, I found that it slightly lines better.

When you convert it to a wired setup with the RCA connector, it definitely feels a lot lighter, smaller with a more refined grip. I did notice that when I used it wired, It felt like it gave me a little extra punch for lining as well. Nevertheless, It’s still a great conversion option to have.

Another great feature is the auto retract feature which means when the power is off, the needle automatically retracts inward as a safety precaution. Lastly, it has a low vibration and buzzing sound but the motor is still quite powerful.

So If you’re a beginner or you’re just looking for an easy to use, affordable pen that’s of good quality, then I suggest trying this one out.

Thomas Curry
Great quality for the price!!

Bronc is one of my favorite tattoo brands and i prefer them over dragonhawk when it comes to affordability. Although it being a .5 inch longer than my Spektra Flux it packs a nice consistent punch. It has no rattle or vibration and packs in solid lines in one pass. If your looking for a great quality affordable