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Bronc BULLET Wireless Tattoo Pen

Bronc BULLET Wireless Tattoo Pen

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BRONC Bullet Wireless Tattoo Pen 


  • Color: Black, Army green, Grey
  • Material: Aircraft aluminum
  • Stroke: 3.5MM
  • Needle depth: 0-4.0MM
  • Motor: DC-motor Swiss motor
  • No-load Speed: 11000rpm
  • Voltage output: 5.0V-11.0V
  • Recommended working voltage: 5.5V-7.5V
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
  • Battery Specification: 3.7 V 18500 LI-ION
  • Support work time: 7.0hour-9.0hour (Test Results)
  • Charging: Type-C Fast Charge
  • Charging time: 2-2.5 hours
  • Max Efficiency: 85%
  • Push speed 70 to 160 Hz
  • Vibration value: <2.5m2/s



Shaped like a bullet, with ergonomic and smooth body and adjustable voltage. Equipped with a Swiss motor and adjustable voltage, it can be used as liner and shaper, giving you the most professional work support.

Two modes of use, supported in wireless use and coil use through two adapters, allowing this pen to switch modes for you at any time depending on your needs.



  • Size (O X L): 37*145mm
  • Weight: 241g (Pen with battery)



  • BRONC BULLET Wireless Pen
  • Large Capacity Batteries
  • Battery Charging Dock
  • USB Charging Cable
  • RCA Converter Adapter
  • Color box

Payment&Shipping Return Policy & Warranty
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • One-year warranty
  • Fast shipping
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Comfortable, quiet, no vibration

This tattoo pen is narrow enough in places to comfortably fit in my hand, which makes it easier to do longer sessions without fatigue. It feels light and balanced, without excess vibration, and it is fairly quiet, too.

Nice tattoo machine

I own a few of this brand of Wireless tattoo machine. I also own a few higher name brands machines. This particular brand actually is pleasantly nice. I have been using one as a daily driver for a few months now and have had very few issues out of it. It is Punchy and it works as intended. I have been a professional tattoo artist for 14 years and have used a variety of machines over my career.

Great choice!!!

This BRONC BULLET Wireless Tattoo Machine does not disappoint! This is my second time using one of there products and I have been thoroughly impressed both times. Not only are these very well made, but the vibration is so smooth that I can go for hours without cramping up or feeling like my hand has the shakes. Sure it’s pricy, but 100% worth it if you want quality that will last and perform consistently well.

Wireless freedom

I really like this wireless tattoo pen because of the freedom of movement I get. No wires getting in my way. And I can tattoo anywhere, even at the beach. The charge seems to last over 2 hours, which is about as long as I last, so it's perfect.
It is good for solid line art and shading, the pen is comfortable to hold and it is quieter than other tattoo machines I have tried.
For comfort, line quality, and convenience, this is a great choice.

Del río
beginner friendly

I'm new to tattooing. I really like this pen. I like the design because it fits so well in my hand. Very comfortable to hold while doing practice tattoos. It's simple to use and very stable. It assists me in drawing straight lines. The volume is low. Excellent value.