Bronc STAVES Wireless Tattoo Pen

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Bronc STAVES wireless pen

color: Black, Gray,Red,GREEN
Weight: 190 grams(Pen with battery)
Battery capacity. 1800 mAh
Dimensions(O X L): 27*135 mm
Support work time : 4.0hour-7.0hour (Test Resuits)
CHarging time :2-2.5hour Type-C Fast Charge
0.1V level control 5.0V-12.0V ,
Voltage output 5.0V-12.0V
Recommended working voltage 5.5V-7.5V
Nominal Voltage 12V ,
Nominal Torque 6.18mNM
NO-load Speed 12000rpm ,
DC-motor Swiss motor
Capacity 4W
Push speed 70 to 160 Hz
Max. efficiency 85% ,
Vibration value <2.5m2/s
Replaceable Stroke 3.5MM ,
Needle depth: 0-4. mm
jump start :0.2second 9V start pulse
Enlarge the display screen to display more comprehensive information.
Touch keys are more durable than mechanical keys.
Unique hand-held non-slip design
OCP Overload and short circuit prompt
With overload protection and overcurrent protection( The machine is
stuck or short circuited and the machine is automatically powered off )

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