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Bronc Rotary Tattoo Pen V2

Bronc Rotary Tattoo Pen V2

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Bronc Rotary Tattoo Pen V2


  • Color: Orange, Red, Rose red, Purple, Blue, Grey 
  • Material: Aircraft aluminum
  • Stroke: 5MM
  • Needle depth: 0-5MM
  • Motor: DC-motor Swiss motor
  • Start working voltage: 4V dc
  • Recommended working voltage: 5.0V-7.0V
  • Special Notes: Please DO NOT use 7+ volts on this tattoo pen



Ergonomic shape that’s gentle on the wrist

- More freedom of movement shape that makes it easier to reach difficult spots

- Continuously adjustable needle protrusion (0 - 3.5 mm)

- Quiet, with less vibration

- Anodized aluminum: sturdy and hygienic

- Crafted from solid aircraft aluminum by Precision CNC

- Protected cable jack connection 



  • Weight: 154g 



  • Bronc Rotary Tattoo Pen V2
  • Machine Tray
  • RCA clip cord
  • O-rings
  • 1 Bag Super Lube Oil (might be excluded due to customs problem)       
  • Color box
  • 1 year warranty
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  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • One-year warranty
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Fatoş Akbulut
Great gun! Worth it!

I had this pen over an year. And it’s a good machine , I’m not even going to lie. It’s worth the money , it blends nicely , packs colors nicely, and lining is great. I would 100% recommend this gun to beginners. But be careful of how you take care of the machine. My pen broke from a hard fall to the floor. However, the power supply is still working.

Josselin Fonseca
the best

Best tattoo pen out there.
So light, very little noise, amazing.

Packs, blends, shades & lines well

Not the best pen type machine on the market but it was affordable and I have to say that when I ran it at 7 volts on my critical atom power supply the needles had a pepper shading-like throw that I've seen in quality machine's. The motor, if it is a swiss motor which I believe it is, will be reliable. It has a authentication code you can scratch on the box and go on bigwasp's site and find out if what you have is genuine (mine was).The rca cord is very durable and the quality can compare to any other reputable brand. It came with everything in the description and work's extremely well with the bigwasp cartridge's. I tried the eztat2 carts and the needle stems didn't have a true taper length with the design, although I got them to work, I much preferred the bigwasp brand. People bash hummingbird in the industry but the first rechargeable battery is made for hummingbird and dragonfly rotaries to make them cordless and an artist named Lil B uses it and does phenomenal large pepper shading pieces so I can say they do the job. I know they have the spektra xion with fk irons but those boujee bastard's won't let non-shop address or "licensed tattooists", whatever the hell that means, purchase their machine's. In the state of Illinois all you need is a blood Bourne pathogen certificate to tattoo which is easy to obtain but they won't accept that but that is why we are here and take advantage to have opportunity in a greedy world and a grimey competitive industry. Nice machine. Operates smoothly so far and artist's in my social media page's use it too.

Adam M Tattooing
BUY!!! BUY!!! BUY!!!!

BUY! BUY! BUY! Anyone look in for an all around tattoo machine. Look no further! This tattoo pen is quiet, low vibration, and make any tattoo artists job way easier! The lining is super easy due to the pen like shape! And the shading goes in like butter! I absolutely love this for my black and grey tattooes! It also puts color in with ease! This is a GREAT all around machine and I'm super happy I own it!

bradley peek
Worth the money

Love it