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2023 BRONC Adjustable Wireless Pen V12

2023 BRONC Adjustable Wireless Pen V12

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BRONC Adjustable Wireless Pen
Packing size:184*122*76mm ---g
Color: Black,Grey,Army green,Green
Item Code: RTM-1003-107
Weight: --- grams Battery capacity. 2100 mAh
Dimensions(Ø * L): 36.2*135.5 mm
Support work time : 6.0 hour - 10.0 hour (Test Results)
CHarging time :2-3hour Type-C Fast Charge
0.1V level control 5.0V-11.0V , Voltage output 5.0V-12.0V
Recommended working voltage 5.5V-7.5V
Nominal Voltage 12V , Nominal Torque 6.18mNM, Motor power 7W
NO-load Speed 11000rpm ,DC-motor Swiss motor
Max. efficiency 95% , Vibration value <2.5m2/s
Stroke 2.5-4.5MM Adjustable, Needle depth: 0-4.5 mm
Overload and short circuit prompt
With overload protection and overcurrent protection( The machine is stuck or short circuited and the machine is automatically powered off ) Support to turn off 9V jump start function
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  • One-year warranty
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Adjustable Wireless Pen V12

BRONC takes convenience to the extreme .
1. The stroke is really adjustable!
2. It has been proved that the working hours can be up to 10 hours!
3. The pen uses customized swiss high-speed motor with kinetic power!
4, the two groups of voltage can be switched at will!
5, OLED display and multi-function in one!
6. One-year warranty!
7.It's only $310 for the duration of the event !(The payment will be converted automatically)

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great battery

Bronc's wireless pen lasts 6-10 hours, which is enough for most of my work

I bought another battery

I really like the pen style of tattooing. It gives me better control and it suits my fluid style. I feel very comfortable using this pen. Having 2 batteries means I have no trouble working for hours. It takes a few hours to recharge, but no worries because you can also plug it in to a power source.

George Hernandez
Easy to use,Great coloring !

Bronc never let me down! The pen is really easy to operate without the bondage of the wire. The display screen of his home is also very advanced and intuitive. After a short contact, I can fully control the pen.
I can't put it down, great manufacturing! Works very good!!! 👍🏼👍🏼

Very quiet

The wireless pen with the Swiss motor was so quiet that I got rave reviews from customers!

My customer says: It sounds comfortable and doesn't induce a manic state of mind!

Safe and efficient

A battery can work continuously for 8-10 hours or so, only a little heat, very safe, very efficient! Amazing wireless tattoo pen