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Bronc Tattoo Pen Machine V5

Bronc Tattoo Pen Machine V5

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Powered by Siwss Motor,Motor speed :12000/m

- Crafted from solid aircraft aluminum by Precison CNC
- The pen can be disassembled and assembled in 1 minutes easily,
No any technology requirement.
- Upgraded Swash Pallet to make sure the needle drive bar never
- Desinged with long grip for stability and confortable handling.
-Recommended working voltage: 6-8V
- Standard 3.5mm Stroke.

Warning:If you use the Cheyenne cartridges,higher voltage should be used.Because the Cheyenne cartridges rebounds harder,there will be a slight fever.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Natasha Lundin
So happy

Great company, service and products


Just got mine over the weekend and tried it out on myself and this pen is pretty good for the price you can't go wrong. Very quiet, low vibrations it feels like your just tattooing with a grip on how small it is. Definitely will recommend this to anyone. If you're too good for a Chinese machine just try it you'll be shocked.
I ended up buying another. Really feeling this machine. If this was a name brand machine it'll be 500 but it's a simple design made very well. It'll be amazing if they came out with disposable grips for it that'll just be tdee icing on the cake.

Bronc made a good one right here🤙🏾

This rotary pin works perfectly. Did two tattoos with it so far and I love it.

Great little tattoo pen

My husband bought this device after using coil tattoo machines just to see if it’d help with his hand fatigue. He could not stop telling me how much he enjoyed it and how it’s help with his hand cramps and shakes. He states it’s a great value since the quality was far better than he expected. He recommends this to other tattoo artists who don’t want to pay out the arse for a machine but want a quality pen.

BUY IT. Im a real person, real artist

I own the big brand machines such as The hawk pen, Xion and mutilple Bishop rotaries. I was see Bronc Tattoo Pen Machine V5 and decided to give it a try. I was surprised that it was a pretty good machine for that price. This machine does a lot of the work for you and I made my money back for the machine with one piece. I think I will try another machine.